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Course à pied, trail, triathlon, ski alpinisme… le sport d’endurance n’a pas de secret pour nous. Contactez-nous pour en savoir davantage!

Plan routinier

Are you planning to run a marathon? Or a trail run? Do you just want to progress in your favorite endurance sport? Whatever your level, this personalized training plan will help you reach your goal. This plan includes: initial assessment, VMA test (maximum speed)*, strength test**, communication and new plans on a bi-monthly basis. 


* to define the VO2max and the training and racing pace of the athlete

** to determine the athlete's muscle profile and optimal training loads to develop strength, power and speed

plan triathlon

You want to participate in a triathlon but don't know how to start... Or you already have some experience and dream of a participating in an Ironman. We are experts of that discipline and know best how to support you. This multi-sports plan is personalized and includes: initial assessment for all 3 sports, VMA test*, strength test**, communication and new plans on a bi-monthly basis.



You are a team of skiers and plan a ski touring competition? To establish the pace of the team is crucial and ensures an ideal experience during training and on race day. This tailor-made plan includes: initial assessment, 2 VMA tests* and 2 strength tests** (initial and before race) for all members of the team.

From 80.-/person/month

Other services

A toned and flexilbe body, a good technique and a strong mental are major assets of the successful athlete. To complete and optimize your training we offer profressional advice in the following areas:
- muscular strengthening and gainage
- specific stretching and flexibility
- technique: swimming, running, trail running
– gestion de course, préparation mentale.

From 90.-/hour

Nutritional follow-up

Aware that nutritional needs change according to the type and volume of training, we rely on the expertise of Catherine Werlen, sports nutritionist and performance and health coach, to meet the needs of each individual. The follow-up consists of: 
- anamnesis and body scan
- individual advice tailored to the plan and objective
- regular telephone contacts
- nutrition during the race

Package 290.-

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