When the yoga teacher is on holiday or the studio is closed, it's not always easy to motivate myself to do more than 20 minutes of yoga. Here's what helps me do a little more: when I wake up in the morning I already dress “for” the session. As such, I'm ready and have no excuse for not doing it! Does my body seem stiff? I start gently, with patience and with a smile. My body is already slowly relaxing. And, with the growing sense of wellbeing comes the urge to go on and add one, two, three ... more exercises. This is how I easily get to an hour of practice and feel great after!

How about strength poses?

And then there are those postures that we normally only do in class because they are demanding, for example the bridge posture (Chakrasana). Even though it is one of my objectives to do it, I do not set this goal when I start my practice. I first do myself good and work on flexibility, then I do a strength posture (for example the crow - Bakasana) to develop my “stamina”. Then maybe I'm ready to push myself a little harder and challenge myself. Let's go for 3 bridges (5 slow breaths then 10 seconds of recovery on the ground)! I end with light twists for my back.