Each season its sport

My passion for sports doesn't end with cycling, swimming or running. I like to play sports in nature and adapt my activity to the conditions of the moment. To the rhythm of my heartbeat and amazed by the landscapes that surround me, I feel a deep gratitude for what I live and for the healthy body that carries me.  

As the biking season is slowly coming to an end and there is not enough snow yet for ski touring, I recently tested mountain biking in the snow! Nothing better to have fun and soak up the sun on the sunny sides of our mountains in November.

My equipment: electric mountain bike (with good suspensions and wide tires), helmet, old usable clothes and sturdy gloves.

Itinerary: start with something easy to warm up and then go wherever you desire and your endurance takes you to. 

Tips: using the "Eco" mode as long (and often) as possible will allow more intense cardio work and also to have enough battery for difficult, steep, technical or even slippery passages (and to return to the starting point without a problem).

It's your turn! Sensations and fun guaranteed!

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